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Paper Dolls A deck of playing cards

$60.00 USD

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Paper Dolls is a 3.5x5  deck of playing cards.  They are twice the size of a normal playing card.

The deck includes 55 different Portraits. Every card is a different Character created by Nick. 52 men dressed from different Eras, Two women as the Wild cards, and a Self Portrait of Nick in the style of the Cards. 

You can play poker with them or build a card house or just have them to look at. I really like to play crazy 8's myself.

Nick Did all the wardrobe styling, grooming, shooting, editing and post production for the Deck of Cards.

They are an art piece and also a deck of cards to play with.  

All Images in the Deck can also be ordered as a print.

  • The Print sizes can range in size and price.  They can be ordered as a portrait or as a large printed playing card.

Price  Quotes:   Send me an email directly if you'd like to order a print.  Including what size or sizes you would like.  

Shipping not Included

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